Two main definitions

Product Design is a term with different meanings when used as a verb or as a noun.

As a verb, Product Design refers to the creation of a new or improved product as a business to the market. This makes it a crucial aspect of product development as this is the part whereby the efficiency and development of ideas lead to the creation of the new product.

As a noun, Product Design refers to how the look and function of a product was designed and how the two factors integrate in order for the product to serve its function efficiently and smoothly.

The Product Design Process

The process of Product Design begins when the idea is generated and conceptualized to the execution and commercialization of the idea. The entire process is rather systematic and usually flows like this: Product Designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas via sketching and drawing, create prototypes to test the item they envision, before turning the ideas into actual inventions and products. They combine art, science and technology to create new products that people can use to improve their day to day lives. With technology, designers can now communicate, visualize, analyze and produce products with the best efficiency and minimal manpower.

Often, Product Design is confused with Industrial Design due to how broad the term Product Design has become; it is inclusive of the service, software and physical aspects of product design. Industrial design is about the combination of aesthetic form and usability in order for mass production. On the other hand, Product Design is about creating something that solves problems faced in daily lives.

Product Design includes the combined effect of all elements, such as colour, shape and size of a product. This can affect a person’s thoughts and decisions when it comes to buying something. Thus, a product designer should consider the target audience of the product in order to ensure the product will be catered to those people and will fulfil their needs, which will then lead to the success of that product in the market.