Orbjek: Playful aesthetics for the spaces you live in

Ever wished you could create your very own ideal town?

From miniature vehicle sets to little fir trees, Orbjek equips you with the essentials to build up your simplified environment.

Orbjek is perfect for collectors everywhere, especially if you are interested in the simple aesthetic collectibles handcrafted to perfection. The creatively adventurous can get a kick out of styling your pieces with colours. Use Copic markers on the smooth, blank surfaces to make your town more vibrant.

You can get Orbjek in 3 small sets: Live Set, See Set and Drive Set or purchase the full Box Set all at once. In addition, they are also having a Launch Sale for their Sattelite Desk Clock. Head over to their website to find out more, or hit up their Instagram page to take a look at more of their beautifully aesthetic products.