Pedal gives Power to ordinary bicycles

Pedel is the world’s first 3D-printed pedal assist device for bicycles. The goal of Pedel is to allow anyone and everyone the access to affordable and clean transportation. Pedel uses friction drive to push the back wheel of your bicycle along, thus allowing you to ride easily as usual without any additional resistance when Pedel is not switched on.

The following are the features of Pedel:

Pedel is simple and intuitive and has many benefits. Below are some of the benefits:

As you ride, Pedel seamlessly augments your input and gives you an extra boost for effortless power and invigorating speed.

When you purchase Pedel, a Pedel Friction Drive Unit, a Pedel Battery Pack and a Pedel Sensor Kit will be included in the set.

Currently, Pedel is compatible with the VertTM V6 20” folding bicycle and the Aleoca mountain bike series. However, Pedal can be mounted on bicycles with a kickstart mounting bracket or V-brakes.

Biking enthusiasts may want to visit Pedel to learn more.